Sugar Glider HUD update

A bug was reported and fixed earlier today, relating to the eye control portion of the Sugar Glider HUD, where the pupils resized to the wrong scale and proportion. This has been fixed with v1.01.

[box type=”info”] Please note: One Sugar Glider HUD is sufficient to control any set of Sugar Glider eyes. If you have multiple avatars, you only need to update one HUD and you can delete the rest.[/box]

For Transfer only editions:

Check the description field of the package. If the field is BLANK: You must LOCK IN at least one avatar to get the updated HUD. Instructions for how to do so can be found in the notecard inside the package.

If the description field of the package shows ‘UPDATED JUNE 14 2013’, please proceed normally

For Mod/Copy editions:

UpdateChecker-smlIf you have already locked your av choice in, please TP to the Wilds of Organica shop and rez your updater prim. Please be patient – it takes a little while for the update server to check for your update.