Sylvan Estate Expansion

Hi All!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been dedicating some time towards planning and developing a new river/valley region to the west of Sylvan. Much like the original region, it will feature small to medium-sized parcels and alpine landscaping, but unlike its predecessor, it will be landscaped from a cohesive design from ground up, rather than be modified peicemeal. This means you can expect a greater variety of stunning views for a great low price.

Starting today, a rough map and screencaps of the region (as it has been approximated in my Opensim standalone build) are viewable at the land office. If you are interested in reserving a spot, please click the prim marked ‘Click here to express interest in reserving a parcel’. Reservations will be made available once 80% potential occupancy is reached and there are rewards for referrals (see below for more details), so please feel free to let friends know about the new sim!

Parcel size, Prim allocation, Availability:

768 sqm (307 LI) – 3 parcels @ L$614/week ea
1024 sqm (410 LI) – 2 parcels @ L$820/week ea
1280 sqm (512 LI) – 1 parcel @ L$1024/week ea
1536 sqm (615 LI) – 8 parcels @ L$1230/week ea
1600 sqm (640 LI) – 1 parcel @ L$1280/week ea
2048 sqm (820 LI) – 1 parcel @ L$1640/week ea
2560 sqm (1025 LI) – 1 parcel @ L$2050/week ea

All new tenants and current tenants seeking additional parcels in the new region will recieve:

– 1 week free rent
– L$500 starter credit at Organica Specialty Landscaping & Decor


Sylvan Estate normally offers a move policy which allows for credit to be applied from old parcels to new parcels, provided a 4 week minimum is prepaid on the new parcel; this will be suspended for one month following setup of the new region, with the exception of the following referral policy:


A referral credit will be applied for each new tenant who gives Sylvan Estate management your name upon rental (Maximum of three – the *tenant* must give your name).

Each referral credit may count for one of two things:

– 1 week free rent


– 1 free non-restricted move between regions