Two new hunts, Two new field items!

September brings a couple of hunts to Organica for the earlier part of the month; check out Summer Harvest Hunt and Four Walls Hunt for full details of the events!

For Summer Harvest Hunt, these new barley stooks are excellent for your farm! 2 LI each at packaged size, mod/copy/no transfer. L$0 for the duration of Summer Harvest Hunt (Sept 1-21 2012)

For Four Walls, these new work lights are great for garages, warehouses, or anywhere you would like to add an utilitarian feel to your environment! They are lightly scripted for simple on/off light function and the package includes lights both shaded and unshaded, in three lengths. These range from 1-2 LI at packaged size and they are mod/copy/no transfer, with light scripts copy only. Valued at $300L, these are available for L$10 for the duration of Four Walls Hunt (Sept 1-15 2012)

Additionally, the autumn season has prompted me to put together a couple of new field crops!

These new grains are the perfect update for your farm themed fields! Taking advantage of mesh, these items continue to be low prim, but have the added bonus of allowing for scripted texture movement to simulate wind (without the viewer lag that comes with flexi prims). Requires mesh capable viewer, mod, copy, no transfer (scripts copy only). Available in-store or on the Marketplace.

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