Organica New Releases

Organica begins February with the release of several new products as well as news of a new store on the way!

I’ve been developing a new themed location in the area of Lohengrin, which is also host to Another Man’s Treasure – Zen inspired furnishings store. This has been in the works in light of the wonderful encouragement of AMT’s owner Stormy McCallister and I can only hope that Organica’s products measure up in quality 🙂

That said, I’ve released three new trees in the last few weeks.

This Weeping Willow utilizes 23 prims and a sculpted tree & branch structure. Selected prims are flexi to provide realistic foliage movement.

Two blooming cherry trees are now available for sale seperately – 22 and 26 prims respectively. Each utilize regular and sculpted prims for a natural branching structure.

A Box of Birch – these 5 prim trees are now available in three seasons (winter, spring/summer, autumn), all included in one purchase.

All trees are available both as copy/mod/no transfer AND no mod/no copy/transfer.A tentative store opening is scheduled for Feb 9. I’ll provide more details as they firm up 🙂

Curious folks can drop by the main store at or poke around at Organica East at .

See you there!

Organica Main Store @ Bhima


Originally uploaded by spacylittlecowgirl

Visit us at Bhima, 135,22,36 and check out the fantastic trees available!

All full size trees are copy/mod/no transfer, and crafted with care from sculpties, regular prims, and custom textures to create a natural feel for your Second Life experience.

Be sure to check out the whole store for various marked down or freebie items, as well as the snowy areas for limited edition snowy trees for the winter season!

An Introduction

Welcome to the inaugural posting in this blog featuring Kitheres Industries and Organica Specialty Trees.

This blog was created with the intentions of seperating my SecondLife related posts off from my main site and will discuss releases from both companies as well as my own thoughts on news and such related to my involvement in the Metaverse.

To the uninitiated, Kitheres features my delving in to the scifi genre – I work on things like scifi-themed av customization. This has involved skins, eyes, outfits and accessories so far.

Organica reflects my delving in to creating naturalistic trees using sculpties. I started out in late October with a couple of Junipers and since then the business has expanded to a fairly large store area in Bhima.

Both businesses has done pretty well and I really look forward to the future and what prospects both will bring.