Organica New Releases

Organica begins February with the release of several new products as well as news of a new store on the way!

I’ve been developing a new themed location in the area of Lohengrin, which is also host to Another Man’s Treasure – Zen inspired furnishings store. This has been in the works in light of the wonderful encouragement of AMT’s owner Stormy McCallister and I can only hope that Organica’s products measure up in quality 🙂

That said, I’ve released three new trees in the last few weeks.

This Weeping Willow utilizes 23 prims and a sculpted tree & branch structure. Selected prims are flexi to provide realistic foliage movement.

Two blooming cherry trees are now available for sale seperately – 22 and 26 prims respectively. Each utilize regular and sculpted prims for a natural branching structure.

A Box of Birch – these 5 prim trees are now available in three seasons (winter, spring/summer, autumn), all included in one purchase.

All trees are available both as copy/mod/no transfer AND no mod/no copy/transfer.A tentative store opening is scheduled for Feb 9. I’ll provide more details as they firm up 🙂

Curious folks can drop by the main store at or poke around at Organica East at .

See you there!