Sometimes you have to kill the things you love.


Or at least prune, so they grow back faster and better.

Such is the case with Organica East (in Lohengrin), which will be closing its doors in the near future.  

This land was pretty much my last big mainland investment, and I think i bought back last year around February? My, how things have changed since then.  I had land in Bhima, then went and got the Openspace in August, and switched to a full region in January. I’ve gone from a half region tier down to about 1/8, and will be cutting down more now, if all goes well.

Organica East has always done well for me, and I came to Lohengrin at the suggestion of my good friend Stormy McCallister, who owns Another Man’s Treasure, which had a location there as well. I can only hope that our combined presence allowed for some mutual benefit between us.  But as I develop the main store further, along with Sylvan in general, I’ve found it has been more and more important for me to concentrate my attention in one location.  

I’ve always offered all of the Organica East products at the main store, in any case, so anything found there before will still be available and accessible at Organica Specialty Trees.  Those looking for examples of a Japanese garden stocked with Organica products are also welcome to explore Sylvan at ground level in the north-eastern quadrant, where I’ve been working on and off on a decent (i hope) garden for overall relaxation, photoshoots, etc.

Organica East will close in one week, at which time the land will be turned over to its next owner.  If you still have a landmark for Organica East, please replace it with one made here at the Organica Main Store in Sylvan .


Grand opening of new sim and Organica’s new main store!

All are welcome to attend the Grand Opening of my new (and first evar!!) sim, Sylvan! The island will be host to a number of things, but for now just the ground level, which will be an immense outdoor area, as well as the new main location for my tree store, Organica! Festivities will begin at 9AM and run until 4PM, Saturday August 2, 2008, and will include DJ sets as well as a live performance by singer/songwriter Wendy Curtiss! (This to be updated as I get more info) There will be a number of freebies available throughout the sim, as well as custom catches exclusive to the Sylvan sim through our 7Seas fishing spot! This event is very casual, outdoors, and you may even want to bring along swimming gear to best take advantage of what this sim has to offer! It will also continually be added to, so if you can’t make it, feel free to drop by any time you can just to explore and hang out. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions; I really hope you can make it!

Back in action

I finally have internet service at home again, after a little over three weeks of waiting for Bell Sympatico to get off their collective duff and actually deliver as promised.  After being told for the third time that our modem would be in our hands in 5-7 days (after having waited that amount of time before asking, of course) and that only after that would they be able to book a technician to set things up, we bit the bullet and cancelled the order, opting to go with Rogers instead, even though they had inferior upload for the same price (which was the main thing i’d been after).  I’ve also always had issues with cable since it can get sluggish when too many people in the neighborhood are using it.  I don’t know…  we’ll see how things go.  We’re on a month to month plan, fortunately, so we may well go back to Bell if we find Rogers’ service is just not working out.

In any case, we’re about 60% moved in… and I’m pretty confident I’ve dealt with all remaining inquiries.  If I haven’t gotten to you yet, please email me at aki.shichiroji (a t ) and I will be happy to help.

Pending limited customer service availability

Beginning May 16, I will be undergoing a move across the country.  While I may have limited access during that time, I cannot guarantee immediate response to inquiries until such time that I regain internet access at home.  If you need to get in contact with me, please IM me or drop me a notecard and I will get back to you at my earliest opportunity.

Subscribeomatic & other notes.

Organica now has an update service!

If you’d like to get updates on new products, updates, etc, check out our location in Bhima or Lohengrin and click on the update sign to be subscribed.

Subscriptions are free and do not take up group slots!


If you’ve been shopping in SL lately, you’ve probably noticed that transactions and product deliveries sometimes fail. If this has happened to you for any of our products, please IM me (Aki Shichiroji) with your transaction number and the item that failed to deliver, and I’ll be glad to drop you another copy as soon as I can.