Tusk Avatar updated, Subscriber kiosk added!

Update v1.1 was sent out to all folks who already have the Tusk Avatar – if you didn’t receive your update (sent earlier today), please contact me directly so I can send it to you manually.

Change Log:

– Fixed leg positioning and rigging. While not all animations will fit perfectly, this should help prevent ‘ankle in thigh’ clipping. and make gait look more natural. (July 10 2012)
– lower LOD added – to help viewers with older video cards load the av. (July 10 2012)
– some UV layout changes to hands. (July 10 2012)

Subscriber Kiosk

I’ve also added a subscriber kiosk for Wilds of Organica items so as not to pollute the update stream for my other businesses. If you’re interested in following updates from Wilds of Organica, come on over to the store and click the kiosk. It’s periodical, free, and won’t take up a group slot.