3 new releases for the end of June

Hi Folks!

I managed to squeeze out a few more items for this update:

1) These were on hand in a preliminary form at Home and Garden Expo and ground level in the sim, however they weren’t for sale and really not ready to sell. I’ve since created new textures, added a curved path sculpt and packaged everything. These Stepping Stones are great for rocks along paths or as stones across water areas. I’ve also used them on occasion up against gardens or water ways to better define such edges. They are copy, mod, available in 5 different textures.

2) For those who would like to add sculpted landscaping to their skybox, or maybe even more detailed landscaping to mainland terrain with limited terraforming capability, these are ideal additions to your garden. Sold seperately or in a fatpack, there are five different textures, each coming with five different sculpt shapes to best suit what you are trying to do. You may wish to set these to ‘phantom’ as they are sculptie and will have boundary issues, however they *don’t* come with solid backings, so you will need to add transparent solid prims to back them if you do this. If you would like instruction on how to do this, do give me a shout. All pieces are copy/mod.

3) These trees are all part of one package and are offered with and without fruit. They’re intended to illustrate growth, from sapling to maturity, of an apple tree. The trees range from 2 to 6 prims each and are copy/mod.

Have a great week!