Multiple seat issue – updates to follow in next couple of days.

To all who recently purchased furniture from Organica which includes multiple seating:

Due to a recent change, likely as the result of pathfinding being added to SL, many of you may find that multiple seating for mesh objects no longer works properly.  While all items of furniture were checked at time of packaging, it now appears that this functionality is broken. For more details, please see .

A temporary fix has been identified and will be sent out within the next couple of days once I have been able to test and check for permissions on all items to be redelivered, however as the result of this temporary fix, you may notice a slight change in prim count depending on the item being redelivered. This is not ideal, however it is a necessary fix until such time that Linden Lab can fix this problem.

Items affected:

[ Organica ] Lush Plush Couch (all colours), both sizes.

[ Organica ] Park Bench 2

[ Organica ] Two Hearts Loveseat

In the mean time, please take the time to make sure Linden Lab knows how important this issue is to you by clicking on the JIRA link above and voting/watching the issue.  While mesh is still relatively new to the grid, it has the potential to become (if it has not yet already) the preferred kind of item, over and above regular prims or sculpts. While there is a workaround to this problem, the fact remains that many existing products will be affected and the temporary fix has the potential to affect prim count, causing existing promotional material to become no longer accurate.