Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

Akimeta provides professional, prompt, and competitive solutions for Virtual World environments such as Second Life and has created content for them since July of 2006.

We have provided full sim development services to many clients, including governmental, educational, commercial, and non-profit groups, including the following:

Terraform & Landscaping

Working from either a sketched layout or existing .RAW terrain files, Akimeta can create immersive landscapes featuring lush foliage appropriate to your project.

Building & 3D Modelling

We provide professional, detailed and efficient content at reasonable cost, made to order or by prefabrication from existing internal resources. 


With background in 2D digital painting, Akimeta  both creates textures from scratch and supports a Substance Painter work pipeline to create a look that is unique from any other existing builds.

Rigging & Animation

Akimeta has also developed, through rigging and animation, the ability to create avatars and standalone animated mesh objects for use in Second Life. This can include human characters & supplemental tools, creatures, or even animated trees, which can be scripted to react to real-time wind conditions and create a greater sense of immersion.