Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

Akimeta provides professional, prompt, and competitive solutions for Virtual World environments such as Second Life and has created content for them since July of 2006.

We have provided full sim development services to many clients, including governmental, educational and non-profit groups through Aimee Weber Studio and Designing Digitally.

This has included:

Terraform & Landscaping

A prime example of terraform and landscaping has been work on a natural, outdoor sales floor for subsidiary, Organica Specialty Trees, at the Organica Sim.  Goals included developing both a centralized sales center as well as an open and inviting environment for visitors to browse products in an ideal landscaping situation.

Building & 3D Modelling

Akimeta provides professional, detailed and efficient content at reasonable cost, made to order or by prefabrication from existing internal resources. Work can be provided in the form of Second Life proprietary prim builds or as 3D mesh output, in the form of .dae or .obj final products, with full support for detailed diffuse, normal and specular maps.


With background in 2D digital painting, Akimeta specializes in creating textures from scratch. While this is not always possible depending on the situation, we strongly believe a unique and quality build is characterized by solid modelling backed up by high quality texture work that is appropriate to the build situation.