Teach & Train

Second Life is a great place to educate, where 3D spaces can be used to help construct a fuller understanding of a given concept.

With some planning and development prior to school terms, STEAM disciplines can all take advantage of the platform in ways to benefit their students. Organizations seeking to provide equipment and standard of procedure training can also benefit from scripted demonstrations which can be perpetually used and examined for review.

In collaboration with Vesuvius Group, Akimeta helped produce a set of modular parts for these three sea creatures to help the American Museum of Natural History demonstrate how differences in morphology affected evolution by changing and being affected by how they moved and what they ate.

Possibilities & Benefits:

  • Create three-dimensional representations of course concepts which may change over time based on given data
  • Help students visualize biological structures and processes
  • Replicate and bring to life historical events in an immersive way
  • Allow students a space to creatively interpret course material in an audio/visual medium.
  • Train staff in the use of equipment fundamental to their daily work
Akimeta provided a fully scripted activity built for training medical staff on the proper procedures and equipment to use in patient falls in a hospital setting.