Virtual Commuting

In collaboration with Desolate Studio, Akimeta developed an immersive full region design for Brooklyn Law School for students and staff to have a place to interact safely and comfortably for their remote schoolwork.

Many businesses are seeking a way of digitally communicating without the constraints of a video-conference. We’ve fielded inquiries regarding recreating workplaces or creating whole new environments for coworkers to meet in, and that’s certainly something Second Life provide.

Possibilities & Benefits:

  • Environment, building, and office replication.
  • Real-time chat, voice, slideshow, and video presentations.
  • Private meeting spaces for groups and one-on-one
  • Up to 100 users may feasibly use the same region at one time (somewhat expandable depending on situation).
  • Team-building, interest, and investment in communal space through personal avatar customization & immersion.
  • Real-time collaboration using Second Life-based objects for sketching out 3D concept development.
For Designing Digitally, Akimeta built a full region campus replicating famous buildings from Cal-State University Northridge for their virtual campus.


  • Limited SL Viewer/Web integration – Most websites outside of Second Life can be viewed, and even assigned to any surface in-world, but they cannot be used collaboratively in real-time.
  • SL does not integrate slideshow software such as Power Point, Keynote, or Google Slides. Slideshows in Second Life require export of each slide from your program of choice to either JPG or PNG format and upload to Second Life.
  • Locking down user presence to the worksite: This is possible, but introduces complications when it comes to user customization and will require special RegAPI integration with your web services to create a specialized sign-up site. Depending on what you are after, some suitable alternatives are also available as far as restricting who comes and goes from your regions.