The American Museum of Natural History: Virtual Worlds Institute – Cretaceous Seas


Coelecanth, Cretoxyrhina & Mosasaur models

In collaboration with The Vesuvius Group, Akimeta was tasked to create a modular set of cretaceous sea creatures for the American Museum of Natural History in summer of 2013.  The project required three animals – a coelecanth, mosasaur and cretoxyrhina – to be made for use with a summer program developed for children attending a summer camp program at the museum. With these constituent parts, participants were able to create their own creatures, apply up to four different looks to them, assign behaviours and set their creature free in the ocean to see how they would interact with their environment.

Akimeta modelled, textured, animated and broke down all components for use in the project, and later in June of 2014, provided an additional set of three creatures for use in this mix & match activity (frill shark, goblin shark, ichthyosaur), along with two additional creatures for use as food items and avatars.

Roundel Skate and Ammonite food item/avatars

Roundel Skate and Ammonite food item/avatars


A video detailing use of the building kit was recently released by The Vesuvius Group: