Organica New Landscaping Releases

This batch of releases includes three new products fundamental to landscaping for small and large parcels.

It’s been a while since I added to the pure landscaping side of things, so I figured I would get a whole bunch put together this time around!

All of these releases are scripted for texture change, but all include non-scripted versions for those who are script-conscious.

Let’s get in to it!

Organica – Waterside Rocks vendor image

Organica last released a selection of rocks many years ago, and while those have done well, folks have been asking for a bit more variety and resilience for use in multiple environments.

This pack includes four different textures (plain, green moss, fall moss, and snowy) for three different rock shapes. Each are available both as non-scripted, separate items, or lightly scripted for texture change, and are 1 LI at packaged size.

Prior to moving the store back down to ground level in 2018, all existing Floating Island sets had been retired. It wasn’t until recently that folks seeking out these older products encouraged me to work on some updated ones for general use.

Please note: This product is specifically designed for display at sizes 10m by 10m by 10m or larger – as such, they are optimized for this purpose. While they can be sized as small as you like, the land-impact for this item at smaller sizes will not be as low as a rock product that was specifically built for use at smaller sizes.

Four textures are available for this mesh item, both separately as well as scripted. 18LI each at packaged size (~18m cubed).

These low-poly rock formations are great for off-region or mountainside use. In Organica region, you’ll see them as both, making use of vertical planes to add variety to a flat horizon or to interrupt the smooth slopes of regional terrain.

Please note: This product is specifically designed for display at sizes 10m by 10m by 10m or larger – as such, they are optimized for this purpose. While they can be sized as small as you like, the land-impact for this item at smaller sizes will not be as low as a rock product that was specifically built for use at smaller sizes.

Available as separate, unscripted items OR with scripted texture change – Textures can be switched between snowy, plain, bright and dark moss. LI ranges from 35-45 at packaged size (~64m cubed).

All three of these products are now available for in-store viewing and purchase, as well as on Marketplace. ( Rocks , Islands , Granite )

New tree, ground tiles, garden walls this week at Organica!

Three new items are available this week from Organica!


This new Ficus tree is materials enabled, mod copy, 17LI and offers all original animations! It is the perfect centerpiece to your backyard or garden.


This is a simple, tilable mesh built solely for flat surface use. It’s great for adding variety to a courtyard, creating pathways & more! 1 LI each, Mod, copy, no transfer, materials enabled.


This wall set includes four pieces that’ll help you create your own private Asian-inspired garden! Ranges from 1-3 LI, mod, copy, no transfer, materials enabled.

All of these are now available at the main store (SLURL here)

New Releases from Organica for June 5



This new field item includes both scripted and unscripted versions of a mesh tile which can be used to create lavender fields! Great for small gardens or large fields. Mass texture change available by linking multiple copies together. Mod, copy, no transfer, with copy only scripts. Available In-store and on the Marketplace.


This new wooden carving is now available for home decor! 5LI at packaged size, mod, copy, no transfer. Available in-store and on the Marketplace.

Additionally, now’s a good time for me to touch on Organica’s own Facebook page, which has been around for a bit but through which I’ve not really updated much lately. If you’d like to keep updated via Facebook, all further home & garden posts from this blog will also be linked over here: 


Grass Tops, Hyacinth and Morning Glory now available!

Grass Tops

This newest offering from Organica has been a long time in development. Back a few years ago, I released a couple of Erosion sets, which serve to create transitions between higher and lower terrain, offering opportunities to create a terraced effect between land & land as well as land & water. At the time, the greatest aim was to create such items such that LI could be kept low. With those goals in mind, the erosion sets have gone on to do very well.

With that said, I’ve since received requests for similar items with grassy fringe, which would create a better blend between the top texture and the rock texture, so I’ve taken some time to create and test a new set of grassy top items, as follows:


These pieces range from 1-9 LI at packaged size – This is a bit higher in some cases than the original erosion sets, however with the increased degree of geometry, it is unavoidable. (If LL offered the opportunity for content creators to apply an alpha mask to a material separate from a diffuse texture, we would be able to make further LI savings, however that appears to be outside the scope of potential tool development at this time). These items feature baked soil/rock texture and the usual leafy texture that is offered with the original erosion pieces by default. All pieces have a tapered edge for easier blending and placement. As with the erosion sets, you can also apply your own terrain texture if you wish. Six shapes are included to give you the most flexibility while landscaping. Check them out in-world here or on Marketplace here!

Additionally, two new types of flower are now available!



Each package offers both potted (3 plants per pot) and unpotted (individual plant) items and there are ten different colours to collect, mix and match, both separately as well as in a fatpack! 1 and 3 LI each, Mod, copy, no transfer, available both in-store here and on Marketplace here!

Morning Glory

MorningGlory-Vendor-LaVieEnRose MorningGlory-Vendor-Venice-768
MorningGlory-Vendor-MountFuji-768 MorningGlory-Vendor-GrandPaOtt-768

Featuring signature trumpet-like flowers, these vines grow around an intricate wrought-iron trellis and grow from a beautiful, ornate planter! Available in four varieties, materials optimized. 7 LI each, mod, copy, no transfer, available both in-store here and on the Marketplace here!

New Juniper and Elven Bridge now available + Blogger applications open

There are a couple new releases this week at Organica!

JuniperBush1-vendorFirst is a brand new juniper bush that comes in at 2LI and comes with four foliage options! These are great ground-cover/mid-sized bushes that are great for filling in gaps between flowers & trees or just on their own! Mod, copy, no transfer. Check them out here!

ElvenBridge-Silver-Vendor ElvenBridge-Alpine-vendor ElvenBridge-Black-Vendor

Secondly, check out this beautiful fantasy-inspired Elven Bridge! Available separately in three colours! These large bridges are packaged at 34 by 20 by 8m in size and are 82LI. They fit in well on medium or large parcels that need a connecting structure of some kind. Materials optimized, mod, copy, no transfer. Check them out here!

Now Open for Blogger Applications

Finally, Organica Specialty Landscaping and Home Decor is seeking to establish a small group of established bloggers for all new landscaping and home decor products. Accepted applicants will be sent new releases periodically and expected to blog at least one item per month. Please drop me (Aki Shichiroji) a notecard in-world including the following info:

  • Your Av Name
  • Your Blog URL/Flickr page
  • How Long Blogging
  • Syndicated Feeds
  • A short blurb on why you think you’d be a good fit.

Applications will be evaluated based on quality of posts and degree of activity, with preference given to those who make the effort to post more than just an item listing. Lastly, while all applications will be read and kept on hand, only successful applicants will be contacted. Thanks for your interest!


Eight new hibiscus plants available now!

New today for The Neighbourhood are these new hibiscus bushes!

Hibiscus-Fancy Pack 1-sml


Available separately or as a fatpack, these flowered bushes are available as both efficient 1 LI and 7LI bushes (with mesh blossoms)! This pack features a variety of fanciful varieties (mostly tropical) and takes advantage of bump-mapping, so if you can run advanced lighting, it’s highly recommended that you do so!

As part of the Neighbourhood promotion, the full Fancy Pack is only L$200 and each individual variety is L$25, for the duration of Saturday, Feb 7 (SLT) only! This introductory price will return to normal after that, so be sure to drop by as soon as you can to take a gander at these beautiful blossoms!  Pick ’em up here:

New Plants and Landscaping items this week!

Cliffs-Shoreline-vendorAfter much anticipation, the Cliff Shoreline pack (formerly known as Shoreline rocks) is now available!  Four pieces are included and pieces are 2-3LI each at packaged size (5m deep by 12m wide by 12m tall). Mod, copy, no transfer. Mesh product, with some materials optimization. Available in-store here and on the Marketplace now!


Includes three island shapes and three related texture varieties. Great for creating overhangs at ground level or to freshen up your sky platform! 5-10 LI at packaged size. Mod, copy, transfer. Mesh product, with some materials optimization. Available in-store here and on the Marketplace now!





This vibrant, large leafed plant is an excellent specimen for use in many garden settings. Great for a tropical display, in a greenhouse, or even just in a pot out on your patio! Comes in five different textures, both individually and as a fatpack! Available in-store here and on the Marketplace now!

Winter Fair package now available as part of The Neighborhood event!

WinterFairPack-vendorHi Folks, It’s been a while since I updated, as I’ve been super busy working on a few client projects over the past couple of months. I took last month off for The Neighborhood, but good news! Available today (although really more like the full weekend, since this blog post is a little late and I want to give everyone a fair shake at picking this item up) is the above winter fair pack, which is a great kit for anyone seeking to add to their outdoor winter display! The pack comes with three booths (one with a counter, one with seating (up to three people) and one empty (ready for displaying your creations)), a wooden bench, ice rink and snow shovel. Everything is mod/copy, although there are some copy-only scripts in the furniture and there is a copy/trans only coffee mug for one of the poses.

This pack is now available at the main store for only $200L for this weekend only, after which the price will return to normal. Please drop by and pick it up if you can!

New Halloween & terrain items released!


The first halloween release this year from Organica comes in the form of three new pumpkins, all available as part of Pumpkin pack 1! These highly detailed pumpkins are sure to be a welcome addition to any festive halloween display! Each is 1 LI at packaged size and is mod, copy, no copy. Available in-store or on the Marketplace!

Some of you have been asking about some of the newer assets that have been used in Organica sim lately; namely the dirt roads as well as the waterside erosion pieces.

These two packs include four shapes to mix & match and place up against the edge of your land, typically between water and land but also usable as wall pieces if you wish. Each piece is 1 LI at packaged size and all are mod, copy, no transfer. Replace upper texture with your preferred terrain texture if necessary. Available in-store or on the Marketplace (rock) (sand)!


This dirt road package includes 13 tile shapes in total to best accommodate your terrain shape. Pieces range from 1-7 LI at packaged size and all are mod, copy, no transfer. Available in-store or on the Marketplace!

New Coleus plants + Rock walls now available

Brighten up your garden with these brilliant coleus plants!  Each one is 3LI with or without the pot, and sports vibrant hand-drawn foliage with realistic lighting and detailing. Ten varieties are available either individually or as a fatpack. Mod/copy/no transfer. Requires mesh capable viewer. ( Buy in Store ) ( Buy on Marketplace )


These rock walls have been requested somewhat regularly since i first started using them at Home Expo. While I wasn’t ready to offer them then, I’ve finished up the things I wanted to do with them and now make them available for you.

To use: Simply rez and move up against areas where you’d like a rock wall. Do note: these items do not have backsides in order to cut down on LI and reduce viewer resource use. To give these items a backside, consider duplicating and facing the other way, using other prims or backing these items up against terrain.

Available mod/copy/no transfer. Requires mesh capable viewer. ( Buy in store ) ( Buy on Marketplace )