September Updates!

Lots of new content this month!

1) Wooden Fences: After many requests for the preliminary wooden fence I put up around the orchard area, I have backed up that release with a full fence pack, which features 7 fence types, each between 2-3 prims per section. This product is only available mod/copy due to the necessity for multiple sections to complete a full fence. Most come with seperate second posts which should be unlinked from the section prior to duplication.
2) Bristlecone Pine: This Bristlecone pine is the first in a series I hope to produce. It features entirely original coniferous foliage and custom trunk texturing, oblong and square sculpts, and is 8 prims total. Available mod/copy/no trans as well as mod/no copy/trans.
3) Creepy Trees: It’s about that time of the year again! As October closes in on us, inevitably the Halloween decorations come out. Have a look at these new trees near the Hollow tree, just to the right of the store landing point! They vary from 7-15 prims each and are available mod/copy.
4) Thick and Twisted Ficus: This new (huge!) ficus comes in two shapes – some folks may prefer the straight and upright version, and some folks may prefer the twisted version that comes with it. (Twisted version shown, straight version on site). 9 prims each. Please note: each requires about a 60m by 60m footprint. Available mod/copy.
5) Spring and Dried Wheat: These two varieties of wheat are now available for those who’d like their own field of wheat. Available in spring green and dried editions, they take up as low as 1 prim each, with 4 different shapes to best suit your landscaping needs. Available mod/copy only.

New releases

True to my previous post, I’m pleased to announce that I’m releasing four new items this week.


The second edition of Ficus trees are now available, using 6 oblong prims each, for your prim economy. These lush tropical trees are perfect for filling out a jungle or perhaps adding a vine motif to your backyard.


Cattails, available in 3 densities, great for swampy or other waterside areas are now available. They also come with some supplemental sedge grass in two shades, appropriate for summer and autumn.


A lighter prim edition of cherry tree is now available, now with and without falling petals! (Previous editions did not have particle generators) For falling petals, simply rez the ‘with particles’ edition. You can click it to turn them on/off. To conserve client and server resources, however, it is recommended that you use the particle emitting trees sparingly.


Lastly, I’ve released some bamboo, also featuring oblong sculpts in their design. These are great additions to an eastern-themed garden either to help fill out an empty space or to provide a unique backdrop.

Recent visitors to the main store will also note that I have added some space for new trees. Hopefully this will last us for some time, however i might well add an additional level for new product (or simply retire and entirely remove old discount product). I will also likely try to fix up Organica East as best I can, as things have been getting rather crowded there of late.

That’s about it!

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support and feedback 🙂