New release, Sept 20, and update on gift cards

Hi Folks!

Thanks for your patience over the past couple of weeks in regards to the vendors.

Switching to the new vendor system was less painful than expected, but I’m still ironing out some final details.  All vendors should be operational though.  Gift certificates for the new system are now available – as a reminder, any old gift certificates sold prior to September 2010 are now invalid. If you’d like to redeem them, you’ll need to IM me (Aki Shichiroji) and drop the gift card on me in-world so that I can give you an equivalent (and valid) one.  Please note – from now on, all gift certificates are valid for 365 days from first point of use. These cards will not be renewed or extended beyond this length of time.


As promised, a new item is now available; This post’s update is Bristlecone Pine #2 – it’s a great compliment to the original Bristlecone Pine and will lend itself well to a boreal forest environment.  It comes green, frosted or snowy, in sizes small, medium and large. Texture change editions are also included.

Of note: recent announcements regarding the impending mesh beta have likely reached your eyes recently. I’m really looking forward to being able to provide new and more efficient products. Despite argument from a few parties otherwise, mesh promises to really be a game-changer as far as content is concerned. I think we can all look forward to new and interesting things in all sectors.

I’ll be mostly away this week due to some work commitments, but hope to sit down and work on new stuff soon.  If there’s something in particular you think might be neat to see at Organica, shoot me an IM or notecard and let me know – now’s a great time.

September Updates!

Lots of new content this month!

1) Wooden Fences: After many requests for the preliminary wooden fence I put up around the orchard area, I have backed up that release with a full fence pack, which features 7 fence types, each between 2-3 prims per section. This product is only available mod/copy due to the necessity for multiple sections to complete a full fence. Most come with seperate second posts which should be unlinked from the section prior to duplication.
2) Bristlecone Pine: This Bristlecone pine is the first in a series I hope to produce. It features entirely original coniferous foliage and custom trunk texturing, oblong and square sculpts, and is 8 prims total. Available mod/copy/no trans as well as mod/no copy/trans.
3) Creepy Trees: It’s about that time of the year again! As October closes in on us, inevitably the Halloween decorations come out. Have a look at these new trees near the Hollow tree, just to the right of the store landing point! They vary from 7-15 prims each and are available mod/copy.
4) Thick and Twisted Ficus: This new (huge!) ficus comes in two shapes – some folks may prefer the straight and upright version, and some folks may prefer the twisted version that comes with it. (Twisted version shown, straight version on site). 9 prims each. Please note: each requires about a 60m by 60m footprint. Available mod/copy.
5) Spring and Dried Wheat: These two varieties of wheat are now available for those who’d like their own field of wheat. Available in spring green and dried editions, they take up as low as 1 prim each, with 4 different shapes to best suit your landscaping needs. Available mod/copy only.