Organica at Enchantment, Feb 2019

Organica returns to Enchantment on February 9, running thru March 4th, with several new products as well as a few existing complimentary products as well!

The theme this round is Lord of the Rings, so I’ve chosen to create my own interpretation of a couple of Elven gazebos as well as Galadriel’s Mirror – drawing in lore both from the main books as well as the Silmarillion.

The Gazebos are 75LI at packaged size (20x20m) and mod/copy/no transfer. The Mirror & Plinth are a single 1 LI object, as is the accompanying silver ewer, which can be worn or simply rezzed where you wish. Mod, copy, no transfer.

Additionally, the Elven Bridges and Weeping Willows will also be available at Enchantment. Drop by my booth here!

All the new items will be exclusively at Enchantment for the duration of the event, after which they’ll make their way back to the main shop in March.

In the mean time, we’re gearing up to work on a number of spring projects moving forward. What kind of tree, plant or landscaping items do you feel are still missing? Leave your feedback here or IM me (Aki Shichiroji) in-world directly!

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New Juniper and Elven Bridge now available + Blogger applications open

There are a couple new releases this week at Organica!

JuniperBush1-vendorFirst is a brand new juniper bush that comes in at 2LI and comes with four foliage options! These are great ground-cover/mid-sized bushes that are great for filling in gaps between flowers & trees or just on their own! Mod, copy, no transfer. Check them out here!

ElvenBridge-Silver-Vendor ElvenBridge-Alpine-vendor ElvenBridge-Black-Vendor

Secondly, check out this beautiful fantasy-inspired Elven Bridge! Available separately in three colours! These large bridges are packaged at 34 by 20 by 8m in size and are 82LI. They fit in well on medium or large parcels that need a connecting structure of some kind. Materials optimized, mod, copy, no transfer. Check them out here!

Now Open for Blogger Applications

Finally, Organica Specialty Landscaping and Home Decor is seeking to establish a small group of established bloggers for all new landscaping and home decor products. Accepted applicants will be sent new releases periodically and expected to blog at least one item per month. Please drop me (Aki Shichiroji) a notecard in-world including the following info:

  • Your Av Name
  • Your Blog URL/Flickr page
  • How Long Blogging
  • Syndicated Feeds
  • A short blurb on why you think you’d be a good fit.

Applications will be evaluated based on quality of posts and degree of activity, with preference given to those who make the effort to post more than just an item listing. Lastly, while all applications will be read and kept on hand, only successful applicants will be contacted. Thanks for your interest!